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The following photos are from the collection at the Isabel Miller Museum in Sitka.  The number under each photo is its collection number.  All photos below are property of the Sitka Historical Society.


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3295 - This is a RCAF PBY that crashed and was brought to NAS Sitka.


3296 - Here the damaged RCAF PBY is in front of one of the NAS Sitka hangars.






3299 - This is one of my favorite photos.  Here are two NAS Sitka aircraft in front of the north hangar.  The men are gathered for an outdoor Easter service.


8514 - This photo is probably from 1939-1940. Before the hangars were constructed, the seaplane base was little more than a parking lot for the aircraft. 






8610 - Here one of the NAS Sitka PBYs taxis in the Sitka Channel. 


8613 - This is the insignia for VP17, one of the Navy squadrons based in Sitka.






8614 - A a man and two children pose at the tail of a NAS Sitka PBY.  The red and white checkered paint scheme is from the 1930s and early 1940s, before the war.


8616 - Here is another view of the PBYs at the NAS Sitka, before the hangars were constructed.






8617 - This view is probably from the 1920s or early 1930s.  There are many Tlingit canoes, each with an American flag.  The Navy Coaling station is in the background.


8615 - This is a view of the Navy radio station on Japonski Island.  This station existed prior to the construction of the NAS Sitka.


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