The Navy in Sitka



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The following photos are from the collection at the Isabel Miller Museum in Sitka.  The number under each photo is its collection number.  All photos below are property of the Sitka Historical Society.


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4240 - (See caption to right)


4240 (reverse)






4242 -  (See caption to right)


4242 (reverse)






4291 - Mrs. Tate at the Navy Seaplane Base in 1940 or 1941


4292 - A view of Sitka from a Navy aircraft,  1941






4293 - Captain Tate walks away as a PBY Catalina departs the Navy Seaplane Base on Japonski Island.


4294 - Captain Tate inspects the Marine Guard at the Navy Base.  Note the Bachelor Officers' Quarters in the background.







4296 - Captain Tate, caption reads "The Pirate of Sitka"




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