The Navy in Sitka



LOCATION: Highwater Island








The following photos are from June 6th, 2004.  There is very little left on Highwater Island.  The Navy station was a wooden building on concrete stilts.  The concrete supports remain, but the wooden structure has almost disappeared under layers of moss.  Click each image to enlarge.





This is one of the concrete supports for the Navy station.  These supports are in set up in a grid on top of the cliff at the south end of the island.


A view of multiple supports






This tank is located in the middle of the island near some rotting remains of wooden structures.


The frame of the wooden Navy station is clearly visible in the moss.






This piece of equipment is near the tank above.


This is one of the collapsed wooden buildings on the island.






The navy station was built on top of this small cliff.  It is not more than 15 or 20 feet high.


This is a view of Highwater Island from a few miles south in Neva straight.  HighwaterIsland is the one just left of the green bouy.







This is a view of Sound Island from the south end of Neva Straight.




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