The Navy in Sitka


LOCATION : Highwater Island





Navy inspection checkpoint for vessels entering Sitka Sound from the North

The station at Highwater Island was located on the south end of the island.  It was a two story building with a clear view of Neva Straight.  The next line of defense was the Harbor Defense Searchlight No. 9 at  Sound Island and three 75mm guns at Olga Pt., both located about 3 miles to the south at the southern end of Neva Straight.  I do not have any Navy sources for this station, but I visited it in the summer of 2004 to document was is left.

Locals from the war years tell of stopping at a dock at the station where they were inspected by machine gun carrying men.  There may have been a net stretched across the straight to prevent vessels from skipping by the station.


Highwater Island is just to the left of the green bouy.  It is located near the northern end of Neva Straight. (June 2004)



Photos and additional information:

  WWII Era Photos of Highwater Island   Recent Photos of Highwater Island