Sitka Maritime Heritage Society
The mission of the SMHS is to "preserve and to educate the public about the maritime heritage of Sitka, Alaska and surrounding waters."  The society is in the early stages of rehabilitating an old NAS Sitka boathouse into a marine heritage museum.
Sitka Historical Society & Isabel Miller Museum
The Sitka Historical Society's Isabel Miller Museum is a must see for anyone interested in Sitka's History.   I am very thankful for the opportunity to use photos from the museum's collections on this website.
Coast Defense Study Group
The CDSG is a non profit organization devoted to the study of and preservation of Seacoast Defenses.  I recommend that anyone interested in American seacoast defenses become a member.
Kodiak Alaska Military History
An excellent guide to all things military in the vicinity of Kodiak, Alaska.
United States Coast Artillery Photographs
An extensive collection of C.A. photographs from around the United States, including many Alaska sites.  Chris Wiles visited Sitka in 2000 and has provided me with many documents and photos.
Sitka Military History
Gabe Emerson was a MEHS student. He has some additional photos of the Navy Air Station Sitka and some photos of the 6-inch  gun that remains on George Island in Cross Sound.
Fort Macarthur Museum
Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles
This website has a brief description on how Base End Stations operated.
250 Coast Artillery
A Website by local WWII veteran who served in Sitka, Kodiak, and Europe.  Mr. Dangel manned a coast artillery searchlight position in Sitka.


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