Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska


LOCATION : Watson Point (Fort Rousseau)




Anti Motor Torpedo Boat (AMTB) Battery No. 1

The AMTB battery at Watson Point was completed and manned through 1944.  The Battery had two fixed 90mm guns on M3 mounts, two mobile 90mm M1A1 guns, and two 40mm guns.  The AMTB batteries could also be used for anti-aircraft defense.  There is no sign of the concrete gun emplacements today.

Five magazines for the battery were constructed along what is today Cascade Creek Road.  Four of them remain, one is now a house, one has a house built on top it, one is used as a shop, one is abandoned but intact, and the last has been torn down and a house built on it's 30 by 60 foot concrete foundation. 


Watson Point from the Harbor Mountain Ridge -
June 7th, 2004


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