Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : St. Lazaria Island








I took these photos of St. Lazaria Island scenery.  The two views from the top of Mt. Edgecumbe are from 23 August 2003.  The second two photos are from Shoals Point in March 2004.  The next four are from a boat in March 2005.  The final two are from 13 August 2005 taken from on the island.





Looking South from the south rim of Mt. Edgecumbe.


Another view of St. Lazaria from Mt. Edgecumbe.  Note Biorka Island and the island chain behind it.






St. Lazaria Island from Shoals Point.


St. Lazaria Island from Shoals Point.






An arch in the lava rock that makes up the island


The western half of St. Lazaria Island.  The SRC-296 radar installation should be up in the trees.






One of the WWII era photos shows a cable winch up from the top of this cliff.


Here is view a looking northwest of St. Lazaria Island and Mt. Edgecumbe behind it.






This is a view to the east from the middle of St. Lazaria Island.


This is a view of Shoals Point from St. Lazaria Island.


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