Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : St. Lazaria Island








The follow photos are from the Johnson Collection at the Isabel Miller Museum in Sitka, Alaska and are presented on this website with special permission.  The reference number for each photograph is displayed beneath it.  I have created the captions associated with each image and am responsible for any inaccuracies. Click on an image to enlarge.





7842 - Men rowing to shore


7843 - A makeshift road built to bring construction supplies ashore at St. Lazaria Island.






7853 - A man on St. Lazaria Island


7867 - A man on St. Lazaria Island






7893 - Some of the volcanic rock formations characteristic of the island.


7894 - the rocks






7895 - One of the large arches on the island


7896 - More neat rock formations on St. Lazaria Island






7897 - Rocks


7898 - The arch






7899 - A view out to sea from St. Lazaria Island


7900 - Seaside cliff on St. Lazaria Island






7901 - more neat geology


7902 - rocks






7903 - more rocks


7904 - Mt. Edgecumbe as seen from St. Lazaria Island






7906 - Surf breaking against the cliffs on St. Lazaria Island.  Mt. Edgecumbe on Kruzof Island is in the background.


7909 - more surf






7911 - The cable system the men used to get supplies up to the radar site from sea level


7914 - Another view of Mt. Edgecumbe on Kruzof Island, just to the north of St. Lazaria






7915 - a pretty view of the island


7916 - more surf







7917 - more surf




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