Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska


LOCATION : Sound Island (Fort Rousseau)




Signal Station No. 2 and Searchlight No. 9

Signal Station No. 2 was the only Signal Station that was completed for the harbor defenses.  (SS No. 3 on Little Biorka Is. was not completed and SS No. 1 on St. Lazaria Is. was not built)  These stations were Navy operated.  The men used flags and light signals to direct vessels entering Sitka Sound.

Built to watch Neva Straight for enemy ships attempting to enter Sitka Sound from the north, the Sound Island Searchlight No. 9 and Signal Station No. 2 were completed and occupied through 1944.  Three 75mm guns were located at nearby Olga Point.  The Searchlight had a splinter-proof concrete building that housed the light and power plant.  The Distant Electric Control (DEC) Station was located inside Signal Station No. 2.


 Signal Station No. 2 and the DEC for Searchlight No. 9 -  June 6th, 2004


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