Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Shoals Point








I took the following photos of the Quonset Hut Camp at Shoals Point in 2004 and 2005.  The old roads and Quonset huts are extremely overgrown and difficult to find.





Collapsing Quonset Hut


Quonset Hut






Quonset Hut


What appear to be small clearings turn out to be Quonset huts.






Quonset Hut


Quonset Hut






Quonset Hut


Quonset Hut






The interior of a collapsing Quonset hut


This Quonset hut is at the bottom a small rise.  There is a little lake at the top of the small rise.






Ruins of a Quonset hut.


This collapsed shed is next to the Quonset hut shown in the photo above this one.






Here is the remains of the bath house.


A drain in the broken, cement floor of the bath house.






A note is barely visible on the wall warning soldiers to: "Make sure faucets are off."


An electrical outlet






The largest Quonset hut which I believe was the mess hall.  Note that I am standing in the shadows are the far end.


This is the only standing Quonset hut.  This is what the Quonset hut looks like from about ten feet away.  VERY OVERGROWN!






The interior of the Quonset hut.  Note the old stove.  This hut appears to have been used buy hunters in first years following the war.


One of the tables in the Quonset hut.






The door handle to a Quonset hut


Looking out of the standing Quonset hut.  Note that the floor is very rotten.







These vents are on top of all the Quonset huts.








The small lake on top of a small rise next to the Quonset hut camp


A pretty view of the lake






Here is one of three land otters that live in the lake today.


This land otter came over to greet us.






Writing on the side of a fire hydrant in the camp


A fire hydrant in the Quonset hut camp


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