Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska



LOCATION : Shoals Point, Kruzof Island








The following 23 photos are from Mr. Ted Gutches.  Ted served at Shoals Point as a Corporal in the 266 Coast Artillery from the beginning of 1942 until sometime in 1943. 





Ted's commanding officer at Shoals Point - 1st Lt George H Thurston


Christmas tree - December 1942






Cpl. Ted Gutches on a hike on Kruzof Island


Ted with his 22 rifle on a hike on Kruzof Island






Left to Right -
Back Row - Pvt. Harold F. Clark,  Pfc. Jay Wilson, Pvt. Adam Voccia.
Front Row - Pvt Walton E. Smith, - Pvt E Berry.


Observation Post located about 2 miles down the coast from the Navy guns.






Pvt. Casmier J. Krawczak, on a lake next to their camp at Shoals Point


Pvt. Gerald S. Warren on guard duty in their camp at Shoals Point






A photo of the 1924 "Round the World Fliers" during their stop in Sitka.  Ted bought this in Sitka.


The bulletin board in the center of their camp






Looking toward Shoals Point from a hill top about two miles down the coast.  Perhaps near where the observation post was.


Some guns in a Quonset hut.






Looking North from Shoals Point


Driftwood logs on the beach






The Quonset hut camp under the trees


The Quonset hut camp under the trees






Mt. Edgecumbe from Shoals Point


Sitka from Shoals Point






High tide


Surveying for the construction of the gun positions






Men outside a Quonset hut


Two men posing with the surveyor







The wooden water tank that Ted helped build.




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