Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska


LOCATION : Sasedni Island




3-inch Anti Aircraft Battery
Meteorological (MET) Station
Tide Station
4-gun 20mm AA battery

In 1941 the Army sent Battery D of the 205th CA to Sitka to man a four gun anti aircraft battery to protect the Naval Air Station.  The men were scheduled to leave Sitka on December 6th 1941, but the boat was a few days late.  After Pearl Harbor the men were ordered to re-emplace their weapons.  They remained in Sitka until 1943. 

The MET station on Sasedni Island was initially planned to be constructed on Biorka Island.  When the construction on Biorka Island


The MET station on Sasedni Island - Summer 1997

  was cancelled in 1944 a MET station was built on Sasedni Island instead.  On the northwest side of the island there is a 30-foot concrete slab with four five-bolt rings.  This was a 4-gun 20mm AA emplacement.  The Navy gave the Army a few dozen 20mm guns to use in the defenses of the Navy Air Station.  Signs of at least three other 20mm positions remain on the causeway.  (One gun is located at the eroded section of the causeway joining Sasedni and Kirushkin Islands, and two are located on Makhnati Island, one in front of 292 gun No. 1, and the other in the gulley behind 155mm gun No. 4.)  

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