Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska


LOCATION : Olga Point, Krestof Island (Fort Rousseau?)





Three 75mm Guns

The gun battery is located on the small unnamed northwestern point of Krestof Island, about a quarter mile west from Olga Point and a quarter mile east of Sound Island.  This position provides a clear view up Neva Straight, the northern entrance to Sitka Sound.

There is little left at the gun emplacements today.  The middle emplacement has consists of a 10 by 15 foot concrete pad located about 10 feet above the high tide line.  The eastern emplacement is entirely earthwork and located about 30 feet east and 5 feet above the center emplacement. It is also a 10 by 15 foot rectangle that is dug out of the hillside.  The possible third emplacement is 30 feet to the west of the center emplacement and is a partially dug out rectangle in the hillside.  There is a significant stack supply of cement bags between the center and eastern emplacements.


A pile of cement bags below a possible 75mm gun position near Olga Point on Krestof Island


Photos and additional information:


Photos of Olga Point today