Harbor Defenses of Sitka, Alaska


LOCATION : Lisianski Peninsula, Baranof Island (Fort Rousseau)




Harbor Defense Observation Post / B4S4 for Battery 292
Searchlight No. 10

The combination Harbor Defense Observation Post (HDOP) / Base End Station (B4S4 for Battery 292) and Searchlight No. 10 were both completed. The HDOP/B4S4 was a wooden structure on stilts. The Distant Electric Control (DEC) station for Searchlight No. 10 was the a wooden building on stilts.  The searchlight shelter was concrete.

I have not yet explored the Lisianski Peninsula to view what remains.


  Lisianski Peninsula from the Harbor Mountain ridgeline -  July 9th, 2004


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Army Documents of Lisianski Peninsula